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Simple Steps to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

7 steps to help you make healthier choices, lose fat and establish habits that will last a lifetime.

3. How to Lose Weight – Include plenty of protein in your diet

When it comes to enhancing your metabolism, decreasing hunger, and increasing your body’s fat burning ability, protein can do it all. Studies have found that because the body takes longer to digest protein, it automatically speeds up calorie burning. In addition, protein leads to a feeling of fullness that decreases hunger.

paleo crossfit diet losing weight
Choose wisely

In a 2007 study published in American Society for Clinical Nutrition, it was determined that increasing the amount of protein in your diet automatically reduces your calorie intake by 441 calories every day.

Protein has also been shown to enhance muscle growth, particularly in weight lifters. If you are struggling to add protein to your daily diet, opt for eggs, fish, and meat as much as possible.

4. Trick Yourself

Yes, it can be hard to control how much you eat, which is why you may need to trick yourself. Instead of pulling out a large plate and opting for small portions, choose one that is much smaller and fill it up. This will “trick” your brain into thinking that it has eaten more than it actually has. Yes, it sounds a bit silly, but psychologists who have studying this have found that it tends to work.

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