Single Leg Exercises To Improve Functional Strength and Movement for Athletes

Single leg exercises are a great way to expose weaknesses in your own movement, mobility and strength. Add these examples from Marcus Filly into your training. Each exercise is paired with a description of the respective benefits plus a video tutorial (click to view). Have fun and let us know which ones were effective for you.

Words from Marcus Filly.

Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge

?Single leg hip extensions drills are a terrific way to ensure your hips are ready for training. We also love them for helping build balance from side to side in your hips.
?Balanced hips mean more balanced squatting and fewer overuse injuries in a weak hip or leg.

Single Leg Exercises – Prisoner Tall Kneeling to Standing

?Becoming a single leg Ninja means starting with some simple movements like this one and progressing deeper to more complex exercises like pistols.
?This movement is a great way to develop hip control and train the upper back endurance at the same time. The posture focus of this position is a great marriage of single leg work and upper back posture.

Single Arm KB Overhead Walking Lunge

?When it comes to single leg training the walking lunge is one of the more complex movements we prescribe.
?When you add in overhead loading it gets even more challenging and requires a ton of stability in the hips, core and shoulder. This makes for a great total body training experience for our athletes.

KB Mixed Rack + Suitcase Walking Lunge

?Mixed KB loading is one of the ways we can increase complexity within a movement. Loading positions are not well coached but are often a huge part of the movements focus.
?For the mixed rack and suitcase ensure your elbow is pointed down and tucked into the body on the KB rack. The suitcase arm must stay in line with the torso and not swing forward.

KB Mixed Rack + Overhead Walking Lunge

?Also Known as the Filly Lunge, this position is challenging and a great test of not only your single leg strength, but also your shoulder position, endurance, and strength.
?Ensure the elbow stays down in the KB Rack position, and also ensure the overhead arm is locked out and close to your ear.

KB Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

?Front foot elevated can be a progression from feet on the floor that accomplishes two things. 1. It will add some range of motion to the forward leg thereby making it work a little harder. 2. It will take the rear leg into a little more hip extension thereby helping build some mobility into that hip.
?For clients that are tight in their hips, this can be a great progression to help get them to open up once the basic strength is developed in the feet on the floor version.

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