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Slow Down to Muscle Up: 5 Progressions for Perfect Movement


Moving onto the high rings the next drill changes the athlete’s starting position to a more vertical orientation hanging directly below the rings. Set the ring height so that the athlete can maintain a false grip with fully extended arms while feet are still flat on the ground.  Next, place a 20 inch plyo box directly behind the athlete.

Muscle Ups RX Smartgear
Muscle Ups RX Smartgear

  1. While hanging on the rings with a false grip, have the athlete pull their feet up behind their posterior and place toes on the box. (The athlete’s body line should be perfectly straight from the rings down to their knees with hips open.  Only the knees are bent to accommodate placing their feet on the box behind them.)
  2. Now the athlete begins their pull in the same manner as when performing the previous transition drill on low rings.
  3. This time the athlete must consciously move their shoulders from beneath the rings to behind the rings during the pull to get the torso into the 10 O’clock position.
  4. The athlete should use assistance from the feet during the transition by adding a little push off, then driving their head and torso forward through the ring straps to the 2 O’clock position.
  5. The athlete’s feet should leave the box when they reach low dip support.
  6. The athlete can then press out to top of dip support to complete the move.

Have the athlete perform approximately 3 sets of 3 to 5 reps to help groove the pull to transition dynamic.

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