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Slow Down to Muscle Up: 5 Progressions for Perfect Movement


Restricting the athlete to use only one foot on the box for assistance can make this drill more challenging.  The next phase would be to raise the rings so that the athlete is starting from a fully suspended dead hang with one foot on the box for assistance.


Finally we move onto the Rx Smart Rings with band assistance.  This allows the athlete to hang at full suspension utilising band assistance to help them through the transition phase.  We recommend starting with two green medium bands looped together.  Then attach either end of the band to the D ring clips hanging from below the rings.

Muscle Up drills
Muscle Up drills

  1. Have the athlete step off a small box placing both feet in the middle of the bands.
  2. Cue the athlete to keep their feet directly beneath the rings and begin doing some light bounce pulls to feel the tension of the bands.
  3. Once they are comfortable have them perform 3 bounce pulls then pull right into muscle up transition shifting the torso behind the rings from the 10 O’clock position through to the 2 O’clock finishing position.
  4. Keep in mind the athlete’s feet may leave the band when pressing out to the top of dip support.

The athlete can then reverse the process by lowering to low dip support, shift their torso behind the rings when lowering down to full extension beneath the rings and repeating with a 3 bounce prep.

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