Abs Exercises
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Static Hold Abs Exercises to Build Core Strength for CrossFit

Use these holds to improve your gymnastic skills, coordination, posture and core strength for Crossfit and life. Number 3 is so simple yet deadly, how many seconds can you hold it for?


A simple sit. On your Hands or on bars. With outstretched legs. In the Air. It´s on you.

six pack abs exercises l sit

L sits will destroy your core. In a good way.

Try different variations.

  • Kettlebell L-Sit
  • Bar L-Sit
  • Ring L- Sit

If you master all of them with convenience, try this:


Normal L-Sit strict Bar Muscle Ups felt easy – so next step was with a 5kg plate on the legs! #givesyouwings #foodspring #teamgear9 #prozis #crossfitgames #crossfit @sherwood215

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