Stefi Cohen Squats 225kg at 55kg Bodyweight to Set Unofficial New World Record!

Stefi Cohen squatted 225 kg / 495 lbs at 55 kg / 123 lb body weight at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. This is 11 lbs over the current all time world record squat.

Dr Stefi Cohen holds 20x all time World Records, and is the co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method. 

She wrote:

“Thank you @animalpak for the opportunity to lift in the cage this year, the atmosphere was INSANE, and to everyone who came out to watch and support- thank you!!! The limit does not exist.”

“The best friends a girl could ever ask for. I’ll take sweaty hugs from you guys over mimosas and getting my nails done any day. Special thanks to @alexuslar, for traveling with me to every single meet the last three years to support me.
Love you all so much.”

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