Bigger and Better: Strength in Depth 2015 – Sign Up by August 31st or Miss Out

The deadline to register your team for Strength in Depth 2015 is looming.

Last year’s inaugural event was a great success and we have already more than doubled the number of teams who expressed an interest in competing in SiD15: A staggering 175 teams (from over 160 clubs/gyms) and over 2300 athletes, including many big names and up-and-coming stars of the future.

Make no mistake SiD15 is going to be massive!

These clubs come from the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Italy.

But to ensure your team’s place in the qualifiers, everyone must be signed up by AUGUST 31st.

The SiD15 Final will take place over the weekend Saturday 28-Sunday 29 November at the renowned Bath University Sports Training Village.

And this year we have the University’s newly refurbished Olympic sized pool to add to the mix.


The Race To Find The fittest Team in Europe

In this unique large-team test of a community’s Strength-in-Depth, we are sticking to the same central team of 12 athletes – 7 male, 5 female (one male master, one female master inclusive). We are also retaining the same qualifier process: three c. one-month stages running from August to September and building up from pairs challenge (August), sub-teams of four (September) and, then, whole 12-athlete team to finish (October). There are, however, some tweaks:


1. Squad Size

This year, your team squad size is uncapped. Experience taught us last year that you should have at least four additional athletes in your squad – as an absolute minimum – to allow for availability changes, injuries etc. This is a minimum recommendation; we are now encouraging of even bigger squads to avoid such snags towards the end of the SiD15 season. So, on registration, you can load up as many athletes as you want – based on the same rules as last year with regards all training primarily at the team’s venue. The registration fee is a fixed team cost, so there is no financial implication in doing so. This change, hopefully, also helps foster an even greater community vibe and allows even more athletes to gain some competition experience. See the tweaks to the qualifier format (below) that further facilitates this.

For those clubs entering more than one team, it should, however, be noted that athletes can only be registered into one team/squad and cannot interchange between teams (same as last year).

2. SiD15 Final – Team slots

To reflect the extraordinary growth in team sign up for SiD15 (see below), we have decided to raise the number of teams coming to the Final to 40 teams (cf. last year’s Top 30).

3. NEW Regional League Structure

The biggest change to SiD15 is the introduction of a new league structure for the qualifier phase. Following the initial registration of interest, we had a busy day at SiD HQ, allocating the c. 175 teams into five regional leagues:

  • England/South West and Wales
  • England/South East
  • England/Midlands
  • England/North and Scotland
  • Ireland, Northern Ireland and Rest of Europe

We have chosen these regions as they, roughly, split up the total teams into five groups. See below for the (again rough) boundaries of this carve-up. Each region will be allocated a certain number of Final places (roughly 8 per league) for the top-placed teams. These slots will be confirmed once the competition is closed to new teams (i.e. end of qualifier one) and will be calculated based on a consistent slots:total teams ratio across each league.


We have introduced this league structure to add another layer to the competition; it brings ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ (cf. taking the Top 40 from the overall leaderboard) … which should be another exciting dynamic in the whole fray.

4. Qualifier contribution

Again, to further encourage deeper community involvement, we are going to accept broader contribution into the qualifier challenges. For Q01 and Q02, the whole squad are encouraged to give it a go – such that the team captain can then enter the top teams scores from this overall set (top six pairs for Q01; top three four-athlete teams for Q2) into the final score. As long as this combination still makes up a valid, legitimate team it will stand for that team’s contributing score. As such, an athlete might be crediting the team’s qualifier position even if they don’t ultimately become part of the final 12-athlete team at the Final.


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