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STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL – 40 Amazing Actions Shots of Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara Sigmundsdottir (born 12 September 1992) is well known for being one of the best female Crossfitters on the planet! She has consistently performed at the highest level in the Sport, securing two third place finishes at the CrossFit Games so far.


Year Games Regionals Open (worldwide)
2013[8] 39th (Europe) 169th
2014[8] 12th (Europe) 82nd
2015[8] 3rd 1st (Meridian) 17th
2016[8] 3rd 1st (Meridian) 20th
2017[8] 4th 1st (Central) 1st
2018[8] 37th*[a] 3rd (Europe) 20th
Year Games Qualifier Open
2019 20th 1st (SiD) 1st (world)
1st (Iceland)
2020   1st (Filthy 150)
1st (Dubai)
2nd (WZA)[11]
1st (world)
1st (Iceland)

She also recently finished second at the (online) Rogue Invitational. Check out these amazing photos of her highs and lows during training and competition…

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