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How to Build a Strong Posterior Chain (and Why you MUST!)


Unlike the stiff-legged deadlift, which Romanian deadlifts are often confused with, the legs don’t stay completely straight.  Instead, the glutes and hips are driven back and the knees bend slightly but the knees never move forward.  The barbell glides down along the legs the entire way and never leaves contact with the body.  When the hamstrings can’t stretch any further, pull the bar back up and drive the hips forward.  The more repetitions you do, the lower your hamstrings will allow the bar to travel because of increases in hamstring flexibility.


  1. Start the lift at the top.
  2. Maintain a straight lower back at all costs.
  3. Drive the hips back and chest forward.
  4. Lower the bar down the legs, touching the legs the entire time.
  5. Unlock to knees and allow them to bend slightly but don’t push them forward.
  6. Go as low as your hamstrings can stretch with a straight lower back.
  7. Bring the bar back up the legs.
  8. Drive the hips forward.

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