STRONGMAN NEWS – Europe’s Strongest Man 2017 Has Been Announced!

The battle between The Beast and The Mountain is over!

Halfthor Bjornsson wins Europe’s Strongest Man title for the third time. He has now tied iceland with Poland as the leading countries with 7 victories each.

The final standings showed Bjornsson with a final total of 63, Hall with 61 points, and Terry Hollands in third with 48.

The Events went as follows:

  • Bus Pull: Bjornsson 11 points, Hollands 10, and Hall 9.
  • Max Axle: Hall 11 points, Bjornsson 10, and Matjaz Belsak 9.
  • Tyre Flip: Bjornsson 11, Hollands 10, and Hall 9.
  • Deadlift: Hall 11 points, Bjornsson 10, and Mark Felix 9.
  • Car Walk: Hall 11 points, Bjornsson 10, and Hollands 9.
  • Atlas Stones: Bjornsson 11 points, Hall 10, and Mark Felix 9.


Today I did 340kg for few reps on the deadlift then did tire flips. Now food and stones later. #EuropesStrongestMan2017

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