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8 Quick Bodyweight Tabata Workouts for Beginners

Short on time but still want to workout? Then one of these WODs will be perfect for you.

Europe is Coming! 10 Female Crossfit Athletes to Watch at The Meridian Regionals

Regionals are drawing ever closer and what better way to get hyped for it than to look back on some of Europe's best female athletes during this Open, how they performed and what they could bring to the rest of the competition. It's sure to be an exciting one!

Great Exercise to Help you Get Muscle Ups

Try this variation of the standard dip and improve your strength and movement.

6 Canadian Athletes to Watch at The Regionals

The Great White North brings us great athletes, fair sportsmen and women and funny jesters. Who is your favourite Canadian Athlete?

A Different Type of Strength: How to Beat Social and Performance Anxiety in the Box

Mat Fraser: "‘When I see a competition coming up I am so scared.  A lot of times just before an event I will turn around and puke because I’m so nervous. The closer that competition gets the more and more scared I get, as soon as the competition starts, that fear goes away like a light switch."

7 Important Scaling Tips for Crossfit Beginners

Finding the right weights and reps and starting out as a Crossfit beginner isn’t so easy so here are 7 tips to help you out.

6 Male European Crossfit Athletes to Watch at The Meridian Regionals

June 2-4 are the dates for The Meridian Regionals which take place at The Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain.

10 Reasons Why Strength Training is Important for Female Athletes

Whatever your ability level, strength training can yield many positive results for your mind, body, health and fitness.
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