• CrossFit Lauttasaari – Finland

    CrossFit Lauttasaari – Finland

    Tony Antus and Sami Korhonen, the box-owners of CrossFit Lauttasaari, are giving…

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  • MCW CrossFit – Sweden

    MCW CrossFit – Sweden

    Ola Ingvarsson, Joel Viberg and Anna Ingvarsson, the box-owners of MCW Crossfit,…

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  • CrossFit Oulu – Finland

    CrossFit Oulu – Finland

    Essi Koskinen and Antti Kylänpää, the box-owners of Crossfit Oulu, are giving…

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  • Reebok CrossFit Duna – Hungary

    Reebok CrossFit Duna – Hungary

    Here at Reebok CrossFit Duna, Klaus Jespersen is giving us the low-down…

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  • CrossFit Central Helsinki – Finland

    CrossFit Central Helsinki – Finland

    Ben Liuzzi and Hanna Koskenranta, co-owners of CrossFit Central Helsinki Box, take…

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  • CrossFit Graz – Austria

    CrossFit Graz – Austria

    Over in Austria, Stefan Pecnik, the box-owner of CrossFit Graz is bringing…

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  • CrossFit Zuid – Netherlands

    CrossFit Zuid – Netherlands

    Halim Msellemi, Kevin Naarden and Leroy Naarden, the box-owners of CrossFit Zuid,…

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  • Crossfit R99 – Poland

    Crossfit R99 – Poland

    Anna Sobiech, Bartłomiej Lipka, Marcin Fridrich and Laurent Uhres, the box-owners of…

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