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10 Fitness Lessons With a Movement and Pain-Relief Expert Jeremy McCann

“You can learn a lot about the person under the squat rack. I think it really shows what kind of person you are,” says Jeremy McCann, a pain relief expert from Riverside, California.

Chris Hinshaw: The Endurance Engineer of Champions

A former collegiate All-American swimmer and professional triathlete, Chris Hinshaw swapped his professional athletic career to coach the CrossFit community, Games athletes and champions.

Forging Elite Fitness After 40: The Daily Fix for the Aging Master Athletes

One of the greatest things about Crossfit is that it has allowed more adults to be athletes again. It used to be that when you played your final game as a college or high-school level athlete, you were done.

How To Hack Your Body To Make Faster Progress in Crossfit

Think back to when you were growing up, did your mum or dad ever tell you “don’t pull faces - if the wind changes then you’ll be stuck like that forever”?

5 Ways to Row Yourself A Bigger Engine With Cam Nichol

Cam competes and coaches in Crossfit, most recently helping European athletes including Sara Sigmundsdottir, Bjorgvin Karl Güdmonsson, Steven Fawcett and Phil Hesketh with their rowing before the CrossFit Games.

Straighten Your Spine, Strengthen Your Lifts

The way you stand affects the way you move, and the way you lift. A lack of core stability and a spine bent in the wrong places every single day cannot be corrected with one hour of training.

Crossfitter’s Guide to Managing Pain, Stiffness and Movement Alteration

In my experiences, when athletes are dealing with injury they do one of two things: number one, they lie and deny. Number two, they head to the chiropractor.

5 Tips To Improve Your Triple-Unders

While some of you are still working on the doubles, many athletes are ready for the next step: the triple-unders.

Injury Prevention for the Female Crossfitter

Women are getting stronger, faster and more powerful every single day. With this new-founded power also comes new problems: pain.

You Don’t Just Want Glutes, You Need Glutes

We are driven to Crossfit for many reasons. Some need that feeling that they “aren’t alone,” in chasing their fitness-goals while others lacked intensity in their workouts.
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