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7 Reasons Why you Need a Coach & a Training Plan

Working with a coach and a training plan, if you trust in their abilities and the overall process, will raise your Crossfit abilities to the next level.

10 Questions With Regionals Athlete Jonas Müller

After the qualifying round, Jonas sits on top of the leaderboard for the upcoming Athlete Games. But his goal for 2015 is focused on the CrossFit Open and the Meridian Regionals: not as an individual though, but in a team division competing with his box-mates from CrossFit Turicum.

3 50-rep Chipper WODs that every Crossfitter Must Try

Epic, high volume and for time. Chippers are known as the longer workouts. Often brutal with the volume of exercises and reps, these 50 rep versions will provide you witha true test of your fitness.

WOD Pain: 20 Minutes, 100 Burpees and Row as Far as Possible

Get brutal and test your mental toughness, endurance and guts to the limits with this punishing WOD!

4 Reasons why you Need a Crossfit Rival

Batman and the Joker, Ali and Frazier, Superman and Lex Luthor. Every great hero needs a nemesis to push them further and raise their game. So who is your Crossfit rival?

9 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Do Crossfit

I love Crossfit. I love the emotional release it provides, the fitness, the friendships, and that there's always something new to learn or improve upon.

Best of Crossfit: Top 10 Must-Have Training Gear

Ask 20 people what their must-have gear is and you will probably get at least 15 different answers.

5 Steps to Perfect your Butterfly Pull Ups

Chased by time caps and enhanced with a high volume, Crossfit workouts force us to make things more efficient. For that reason the evolution of functional fitness gave us the “butterflies”.

6 Ways to Become a Better Crossfit Coach

Coaching and training in the world of Crossfit and strength and conditioning, like any other profession involves the constant pursuit of knowledge. True mastery of our art (yes, it is an art!) is practically and theoretically impossible.

3 things elite Crossfit athletes do everyday

Improving and setting PRs feels good. Those are our little wins that keep us moving forward.
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