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Don’t be a Dope on a Rope: 3 Foot Locks to Climb like a Champ

The truth behind Rope Climbs is that they require only a reasonable level of upper body and grip strength. Great technique will allow you to generate force with your legs and propel you up the rope in a highly efficient way!

Chalk in Crossfit: How Much do we Really Need?

Very helpful for big lifts and WODs, but do you really need that 10th trip to the chalk bucket during the WOD? Be honest – are you chalking up or just having a little rest?

Crossfit Grunt Work: Embrace the Suck with Weighted Carries

They aren’t pretty, but Weighted Carries will hugely improve your midline and overhead stability, grip strength and build tenacity.

How to Squat Properly: Bracing and Setup Technique

The right breathing, bracing setup, and technique throughout the movement will help you stay tight and lift BIG in the squat: The KING of strength exercises.

Rule Yourself with the Under Armour Charged Ultimate

It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light, so from the hard hours of training, to the bright lights of the competition floor, you need a trainer that will make you the best athlete that you can be.

Handstand Walks: The 5-Step Progression That WORKS!

Handstand Walks are fun to do but frustrating to master! Use this 5-step progression to get yours sorted now!

3 Training Mistakes no Smart Crossfitter makes Twice

Learning from our mistakes is often the best way to progress. A failure is not a not a failure if it stops you ever making that mistake ever again.

Was your Crossfit Open Score Good Enough?

The Open has just ended. Most of us are happy with the results we earned. But what if the question: 'Hey, what was your Open score?' is something that you really don't want to talk about because you find the follow up questions upsetting & annoying...

Nike Free Train Force Flyknit: Destroy Wods in Fly Style

Dynamic flexibility and a natural, lightweight fit allow you to storm through each WOD with ruthless efficiency, the added support of these shoes providing comfort for solid, high intensity barbell lifts.

6 Ways to Build Explosive Strength & Power Out of the Hole

The hole is the dark place at the bottom of the movement during different variations of Squats & Cleans. If you are a Crossfitter, or a lifter of any kind, you will know it, and you need to know how to get out of it!
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