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Ben Smith: 5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from the fittest Man in the World

Ben Smith is a quiet and humble athlete who also happens to be the fittest man in the world. With his Trojan work ethic and the way he consistently delivers incredible performances, we can teach us all how to become better Crossfit athletes.

5 Inspiring US Crossfit Girls to watch at the 2016 Games

5 girls, 5 unique styles and 5 awesome athletes. Let yourself be motivated by these talented ladies, and make sure you check out their performances at the upcoming CrossFit Games 2016.

Gatorz: Ruggedness and Performance under Extreme Conditions

Build from the same 7075 aluminium as airplanes, Gatorz Eyewear are used by Crossfitters, US Special Forces and Skydivers. They also sponsor the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The Brutal Programming behind the 2016 Regionals Events

Designed to push Regionals athletes to their very limits, we take a look into the programming and breakdown the events to see how the athletes tackled them, as well as offering tips if you fancy trying one or two of these events yourself.

Jonne Koski: Gunning for the CrossFit Games

The Finnish word ‘sisu’ has no direct translation into English. Sisu is unique to Finland, and describes an unspoken blend of characteristics including determination and hardiness. It’s the willingness to go through hell and come out with your guts intact.

How to Destroy Crossfit Open Workout 16.4

So the 16.4 Open Workout is here, and it’s time for a chipper! The live announcement also saw defending champion Katrin Davidsdottir take on fellow Icelander Sara Sigmundsdottir in an epic throwdown!

BK Gudmundsson: How to attack Crossfit Competitions

We chatted with the Icelandic Champ and 3rd fittest man in the World about Crossfit training tips, hating Pistols, and why rotten shark is a great cheat meal!

Your Chance for a 7 Day Trip to California and the CrossFit Games!

The CrossFit Games is THE biggest event for the sport each and every year. It determines the best of the best, and, courtesy of Adventurefit Travel, you now have the chance to be there and to watch the action live as it goes down!

2016 Timetable for the Open, Regionals and CrossFit Games

At BOXROX we keep you informed on the latest Crossfit news. Here is all the information and dates you need regarding the Open, The Regionals and The CrossFit Games. Get them in your calendar!

When and Where to Watch the 2015 Crossfit Invitational on Dec 6th

This weekend, the greatest Crossfit athletes in the world will compete in a grueling test of toughness, teamwork and national glory. Here is everything you need to know about the Event.
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