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Training to become CrossFit’s Fittest: Katrín Tanja Davídsdóttir and Chris Hinshaw

CrossFit Games champion Katrín Tanja Davídsdóttir and her endurance coach Chris Hinshaw talk about the training to become the Fittest on Earth.

5 Training Tips from Katrin Davidsdottir

In 2014 Davídsdóttir’s season ended at the Regionals, in 2015 she stood atop the CrossFit Games podium. At the weekend she won the CrossFit games for the second year in a row!

WOD Directory: All Popular Crossfit Workouts and Video Tutorials in One Place

Crossfit’s specialty is not specializing. That said, when waiting for a WOD, workout of the day, to be announced, anxiety arises as you never know what your coach is up to or what mood he is in. Crossfit workouts are unpredictable, made to test your physical as well as your mental capacity.

Coach Chris Hinshaw and CrossFit Games Champion Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir Are Coming to Berlin

Endurance Coach Chris Hinshaw and Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir are coming to Berlin for the Aerobic Capacity Seminar on Saturday, November 7th!

Ditch the Buzzwords, Just Crossfit

What is fitness? There is the many descriptions and ideas of how to measure events and compete against each other again and again and again until we die... And you know what? That's awesome! What is the movement?

Rehband’s Team Spirit Contest 2015 – Win knee sleeves for your ENTIRE box!

You think your box has the team spirit you should share with the CrossFit community? Capture it with a photo and enter Rehband's contest to win knees sleeves for your entire box.

Comfortable and Lightweight: Reebok CrossFit Sprint 2.0 Review

Compared to Reebok Nanos, CrossFit Sprint 2.0 shoe first impression is soft, comfortable and lightweight.

Why Do You Crossfit?

When the question, “Why do you Crossfit?” was written on the box whiteboard it garnered some humorous answers. Although quite a few are pretty funny, in all seriousness they’re all great reasons.

The 25 Best Training Plans for Crossfit Athletes

From famous to less famous, the market place with training programs for Crossfit is huge. We made a quick overview of top 25 training plans suitable for Crossfitters.

What Elite Athletes Eat: 13 Meals From Famous CrossFit Games Competitors

Sufficient and well balanced nutrition is beneficial not only for the CrossFit Games athletes, but everyday Crosfitters looking to improve their health and performance. So take a look at what they eat when they need to perform, and when they need to reward themselves.
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