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OPINION: CrossFit Has Begun to Fix Its Inclusion Problems, In A Way

By acting on antisocial posts from within the organization, CrossFit is showing that while traces of its past belligerent attitude might still be there, they’re willing to acknowledge and rectify their mistakes.

CrossFit HQ Halts Affiliate Fees for Boxes Forced to Close Down

“It’s our turn to give back to them.”

Rogue Invitational Moves to Online Competition

The organisation team still plans to livestream the Sanctional from the athlete’s location.

CrossFit German Throwdown Officially Postponed Due to Coronavirus Regulations

The local health authorities have asked event organisers to cancel the Sanctional in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

Italian Showdown to Take Place Online to Curb Coronavirus Spread

Amid the current state regarding the coronavirus in Europe and following government regulations, the Italian Showdown will not run as scheduled.

Asia CrossFit Championship Postponed Due to Coronavirus

China’s original Sanctional will take place at a later date.
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