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AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS: Brooke Ence before CrossFit (plus 10 of her Workouts and Training Tips)

Resilient, relentless and real, Brooke Ence is a Utah native and elite CrossFit athlete who slays PRs with a smile. Brooke, raised by two...

How CrossFit Members Adapt Their Lifestyle and Training During Ramadan

Ramadan 2021 has officially begun; this is how athletes in Abu Dhabi make lifestyle and fitness changes throughout this period.

Change This for That – A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Healthier

A simple guide to beginners who want to start eating healthier without making sacrifices.

Tia-Clair Dominates Women’s Quarterfinals; Men’s Division Has Surprises

The winner of the CrossFit Open women’s division has also busted up the Quarterfinals. An Italian athlete lifted almost 100lbs more than the second heaviest front squat in the competition.

Dumbbell Row: Who Should Do It, Benefits, & Mistakes to Avoid (Plus 5 Workouts)

The dumbbell row is versatile and can help beginner and elite athletes alike. Find out how to do it, its benefits, mistakes to avoid, and who should do it.
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