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15 Questions With Dave Castro – Director of The CrossFit Games

Find out how much can he back squat, the WOD that has hurt him the most, who he backs in the endless Froning vs Fraser debate, his opinion on PEDs and steroids in Crossfit and much more.

Internal or External Motivation – What Drives You to Train?

What's your "why" when it comes to training?

Calling All Crossfit Ladies – Time to Show Your Body Some Love!

I used to think - as does most of the world, it seems - that being thin was attractive. Muscles? Nah, just being thin is the thing. Then I discovered CrossFit.

8 Razones por las que el Crossfit es una Terapia Unica

Todos lo practicamos y a todos nos encanta por diferentes razones, pero hay motivos que nos unen a todos. ¿Por qué la barra y el box son una terapia tan perfecta?

Michele Letendre Poses Naked and Sends A Powerful Message About Body Image

"Because of strong women who have a message to send, we can move forward as a unit in society."

30 Inspirational Quotes for Crossfitters

Motivation is a vital factor when it comes to reaching your Crossfit goals, no matter what they might be!

A Different Type of Strength: How to Beat Social and Performance Anxiety in the Box

Mat Fraser: "‘When I see a competition coming up I am so scared.  A lot of times just before an event I will turn around and puke because I’m so nervous. The closer that competition gets the more and more scared I get, as soon as the competition starts, that fear goes away like a light switch."

The Importance of The 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit

Good movement is such an important part of Crossfit and these foundations will set you up for success.

Love Yourself because Weight Loss is not a Destination

‘It’s taken me almost a decade to really love my body, I have weightlifting to thank for that.’

The Crossfitter’s Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is hugely important for all Crossfitters, athletes and for life in general. It can allow people to endure hard times and tough workouts in order to strive to become better, fitter, stronger and more resilient individuals.
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