The Best Chest Finisher Exercises for Muscle Mass

Finish your next workout in brutal style.

Experience the ultimate exhaustion and exhilaration with this formidable combination of Chest Finisher Exercises—an ideal conclusion to an exceptional chest workout.

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The Best Chest Finisher Exercises for Muscle Mass

Chest Finisher Exercises Number 1 (Bilateral)

The inaugural finisher presents a bilateral chest exercise combo, tailored for those already proficient in commanding their chest and seeking an intense culmination to their workout. The exercises are as follows:

  1. DB Incline Bench Press: Perform 10-12 reps at your Repetition Maximum (RM) to failure.
  2. Dip Stretch: Immerse yourself in a pec-stretching experience at the dip station’s bottom for 30 seconds.
  3. Inner Third Chest Crossovers: Execute 20 reps to failure, focusing on the inner 1/3 of the motion.

Chest Finisher Exercises 2 (Unilateral)

For an alternative, try this unilateral chest workout finisher:

  1. DB Single Arm Incline Bench Press: Aim for 10-12 reps at your RM to failure.
  2. Rack Pec Stretch: Indulge in a 30-second stretch targeting pec major and pec minor.
  3. Cavaliere Crossover: Conclude with 20 reps to failure, concentrating on the inner 1/3 of the motion.


Execute each complex three times with minimal rest in between, depending on your preference. Feel free to incorporate both finishers on distinct chest training days.

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General Tips:

In any workout, pushing your chest beyond the point of failure is pivotal for rapid changes in size and strength.

Repeating the same chest routine without incorporating new challenges might not yield the desired muscle growth. To sculpt a larger chest, embrace workouts and techniques that present greater challenges, ensuring a transformative journey towards your fitness goals.


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