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The Mindset Trick That Will Get You Fit Forever

It’s not easy, but it is achievable and you can do it too!


Stay fit and healthy for the long term is the golden objective for most people. And you can do that with a mindset trick that will get you fit forever. Find out how.

We will go on a hunch here and say you, the person who is reading this right now, have done a fast diet at some point trying to lose weight. Perhaps you have also tried a fitness challenge to see your body get leaner and healthier.


And, again with the hunch, it probably worked out. At least for a while. The thing with diets that you see online is that they work and give fast results if your eating habits were very bad in the first place. If you were accustomed to eating junk food every other day, cutting down on them completely will definitely help you lose weight as those extra calories are not getting into your body.

So the diet or fitness program helped you before, you saw some results, but eventually stop doing everything altogether and got back to square one. If this sounds familiar, it is because most of us have gone through this process at some point.


But how can we change that? Is it even possible? Is there a mindset trick that will get you fit forever? That is what Mario Tomic tries to explain.

Mario Tomic is an entrepreneur who helps other busy working professionals get fit and build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Tomic talked about how to get fit and the mindset trick that will get you fit forever. See it for yourself.

Mindset Trick That Will Get You Fit Forever

One thing Mario Tomic explains and that most people already know, is that changing habits long-term is incredibly difficult. “There is a big difference between changing temporarily what you do, versus changing who you are. And that is exactly what most people fail to do.”


“if you want results that stick around, you have to start thinking about how do you make fitness a part of who you are, to permanently integrate into your life.”

The mindset trick that will get you fit forever is also thinking of exercise and nutrition as part of your personal hygiene. “If life gets busy or you go on holidays, you don’t stop brushing your teeth and taking showers.”

When it comes to losing body fat and staying lean forever, the mechanics are straightforward. You only need to:

The hardest part is consistency and making it part of your routine. One mindset trick that will get you fit forever that Tomic uses is thinking of consistency over perfection.


Some people think binary, you are either in a program to lose weight or you are not. That is not helpful in the long term and this is what we are after here.

“As soon as something comes up, which eventually will happen no matter what, because they are in quote-unquote program, it’s easy just to go off the program and then the whole routine goes out the window and everything just falls apart,” Tomic says. “This is a very flawed mindset to be in if you’re looking for long-term results.”

Don’t give up on your body when things get harder. Instead, you learn from your mistakes, you research better ways, you iterate, and that is how you get better over time.


And that is Mario Tomic’s mindset trick that will get you fit forever. To see his full explanation, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Mindset Trick That Will Get You Fit Forever

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