Adrian Mundwiler crossfit nutrition and thrusters at meridian regionals
Source: CrossFit Inc

The Thruster – 7 Ways to Improve your Technique

CrossFit open Workout 18.5 is a tough mix of thrusters and C2B Pull Ups. Tighten up your technique and get ready to smash the last workout of 2018.

5. You lose balance: put on the Oly shoes

Weightlifting exercises should look perfect and well controlled. So if your regular training shoes feel to “soft” to keep you in a solid position, put on the oly shoes. Hard, solid heel will help you stay balanced throughout the movement. Trying to keep balance doesn’t just cost your extra energy and focus, but also increases the risk for a potential injuries. No balance, no control.

6. You begin too fast: don’t start unbroken

You might go unbroken for the first round, but you’ll definitely broke down later. Thruster is a metabolic conditioning exercise which needs proper pacing and smart approach when being done in higher amount of reps. Take a rest even if you feel your tank is still full. Never forget there are at least 4 more rounds ahead.

Be accurate with standards for valid reps. Extend elbows on top, reach below parallel on the bottom.

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