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Tips and Strategy for CrossFit Open WOD 20.4 (Beginner, Scaled, RX, Teen and Masters)

CrossFit Open 20.4: Box Jumps

Let’s again break down movement technique options by speed…

  • Step Up, Step Down = Slower
  • Step Up, Jump Down = Fast
  • Jump Up, Step Down = Fast
  • Rebounding = Fastest

Rebounding, as we’ve seen, is fastest – yet it’s also dangerous. I don’t generally advise rebound box jumps as it puts you at a high risk of injuring your achilles tendon.

Don’t put your hands on your legs – this is a no rep. You must jump up onto the side of the box – not the corner. 

CrossFit Open 20.4: Scaled & Masters Athletes

If you’re doing this workout scaled – or you’re a masters athlete 55+ – you see med ball step-ups programmed instead of pistols (you also have different weight sets, so be sure to read the full standards).

Technique that I’m advising for the med ball step-ups are to hold the ball on your shoulder of choice, or fully on your back – not in front of you. Thing right right, left left, to get into a cadence while performing these. 

Avoid shuffle stepping – this is just extra, wasted energy.


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