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Top Tips to Destroy Wall Balls in CrossFit Workouts

Wall Balls hurt. They are one of those exercises that really test you deep down, making your legs and arms scream out for you to stop. Here are 5 tips to help you get much, much better at them.

3. Give Your Arms a Rest

Reducing fatigue in the muscles surrounding the shoulder join is only a good thing during Wall Balls, and any way you can do this should be maximised!

After propelling the ball upwards, allow your arms to drop back down, that slight moment of rest will make a difference over time and help to reduce the fatigue of your deltoids. Although this seems like a miniscule and possibly pointless action, it works. When you are dealing with endurance and volume in exercise, small improvements to the efficiency of your movements make all the difference.

4. Crossfit Workouts – Take the Weight of the Ball

The mechanics and movement of wall balls should flow in a good rhythm. This means that although your legs are on fire and you feel like you might die, you must try and maintain a graceful movement throughout. When you catch the ball on its descent, absorb it’s weight into your squat.

Keep your hands high when you catch the ball. Its momentum will drive you downwards and your job is to turn this ballistic movement into a strong bounce at the bottom that will power the Ball upwards again.

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