Top 10 Reasons to Try Crossfit

All jokes aside, speaking with a Crossfitter about crossfit can be a bit intimidating or possibly confusing leaving you more confused than you were before you started your conversation. For now, forget all that you have heard and check out the top 10 reasons you need to try Crossfit.

1. Fun


No really, it is fun! A lot of people refer to Crossfit as ‘recess for adults’. Who doesn’t want or NEED daily recess?!

2. Community


Aside from having fun work out you will also meet some passionate, exciting, and interesting people. It’s common to do a Saturday workout and then hang around the gym and fire up the grill, plan a ski trip, or get a team together for the next obstacle race. You will do more than sweat and exchange recipes with these people, you will develop new and fun friendships.


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