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Top CrossFit Athletes Respond to The Cuts at The CrossFit Games


Ran for my life today… #ItDidntReallyWorkOut



Finishing the Games during dinner at 8:30 pm while I was told that I was qualified for the next day, because of a claim, is not a good experience. But this one will make me stronger. ▪️ The first to blame is me, if I had been better on previous events, I will not have to worry about a few points to pass the cut. I am the only one responsible for my failure. ▪️ I see this as an opportunity, to become better. Because the best way to succeed is to fail. ▪️ I am simply disappointed for the people who believed in me, who supported me … and for those who made the trip to see me (my mother, my sister, my fiance, my friends…).


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