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Top Functional Bodybuilding Abs Exercises to Build Unstoppable Core Strength

Abs exercises are essential when it comes to developing a solid core.  A solid core is the basis for all functional movements, and a lack of this foundation will only result in major weaknesses in all your athletic performances. Add these abs exercises into your training and raise your game now. 

Text from Marcus Filly.

Dumbbell Side Plank Rotation

“A great combination of scapular strengthening and mobility. Use side plank rotations to build back lost range of motion in the shoulder blade during injury cycles when the shoulder gets tight and protective. Add the top armload to give the upper shoulder rhomboid a little extra work.”

Abs exercises – Contralateral Glute Bridge Hold

“This is a great trunk and posterior chain drill to build the min muscle connection between opposite hips and shoulders. The connection between opposing hip and shoulders joints is one that shows up in so many human movement patterns. Running and walking are two examples. This is a great way to prepare the body if you have a session with some running coming up.”

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