Top Functional Bodybuilding Abs Exercises to Build Unstoppable Core Strength

abs exercises - A solid core is the basis for functional movements, and a lack of this foundation will result in major weaknesses in athletic performances.

Abs exercises – L Hang Flutter Kicks

“This core crusher is also a great way to work your overhead position. Hanging is an activity that doesn’t get enough time in a typical day. Increase your total hanging time by adding in core exercises that can be done while hanging from rings or a bar. The benefits here are engaged flexor chain accompanied by a hollow body position to help reinforce good alignment overhead while stimulating the anterior chain.”

Abs exercises – Supine 90/90 Cross Body Band Pulls

“Movements like this serve as great tools to connect different motor patterns around the body. Core engaged with the 90/90 Leg Position. Drive the low back into the floor. The cross body shoulder contractions are great prep for overhead work.”

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