Top Functional Bodybuilding Abs Exercises to Build Unstoppable Core Strength

abs exercises - A solid core is the basis for functional movements, and a lack of this foundation will result in major weaknesses in athletic performances.

Abs exercises – Two Arm Turkish Sit Up

“The Turkish Sit Up places a very high demand in the anterior core. However, the Beaty of this exercise is the shoulder training and range of motion work. Stabilizing the shoulder through a 90 Degree range of motion with a straight arm hold has great carryover to Overhead Training.”

(Advanced) Rope L-Sit Pull Up

Advanced Upper Pulling – Advanced core positions combined with upper pulling and the added grip challenge of the rope = Advanced. Try these by making sure you perform equal reps with each hand position. Right on top and vice versa. Best coupled with a lower-body squat variation for a superset to give ample rest time between sets.

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