Train with Rich Froning and Chris Hinshaw – European Tour 2018

We offer you the unique opportunity of learning and coaching with the 4-Time Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning, and the Coach of CrossFit Games Champions and Aerobic Capacity Mastermind, Chris Hinshaw.

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Rich Froning

  • 4x Fittest Man on Earth
  • 4x Individual winner of The Reebok CrossFit Games
  • 2x Winner of the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Championship
  • Owner of CrossFit Mayhem
  • Owner of Train with Rich program
  • Owner of Froning & Friends Podcast

Chris Hinshaw

  • Coach to 19 CrossFit Games Champions
  • Coach to 26 CrossFit Games Podium Athletes
  • 10 Years of CrossFit Experience
  • CrossFit Subject Matter Expert: Aerobic Capacity
  • 10x Ironman Competitor (7x Kona)
  • Owner

Chris Hinshaw rich froning top crossfit athletes on the track amrap wodsSource: Chris Hinshaw
Running work with Chris Hinshaw


  • 04.09 – Las Rozas, Spain
  • 05.09 – Milan, Italy
  • 07.09 – Schelle, Belgium
  • 08.09 – London, England
  • 09.09 Paris, France
  • 10.09 Berlin, Germany
  • 12.09 Zurich, Switzerland

CLASS DESCRIPTION: The 2-hour master class welcomes athletes of all abilities. The low volume workouts will focus on learning. Together we will find the key to bring your performance to the next level.


  • Photos & Introduction
  • Lecture 1: Pacing to Perform: Learn how to manage your available energy and how to control your intensity in different parts of a workout.
  • WoD 1: Skill of Pacing Workout
  • Lecture 2: Building Work Capacity. Understanding your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses. Learn how to create workouts that value your available time and maximize your adaptations.
  • WoD 2: Recovery Capacity Workout
  • Q & A
  • Final remarks

What will I learn?


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

The minimum age to participate is 18 years old.

What can I bring into the event?

You are welcome to bring phones for photos. Bring writing materials for the lectures. Come dressed up as if you were going to train normally.

What are the lectures?

Froning & Hinshaw have developed lectures that will be filled with information & knowledge bombs from their personal archives. Their goal is to give all participants huge takeaways that can be easily used in their future workouts.

What are the workouts?

The programmed workouts will reinforce the lecture content. The innovative workouts can be successfully completed by athletes of all experience levels.

Our goal is to have all participants leave the class wanting more time with Rich and Chris!!

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