Training around an Injury – Achilles Tendon Rehab

Today i want to share with you a pain that i have in my achilles tendon that for the last 2 months is bothering me mostly in jumping, squatting ,weightlifting, running uphill and even track. In order to continue crossfit i had to modify my training and take out any exercises that create pain.

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An Achilles tendon injury is a serious problem for any regular person, especially if you’re an elite athlete who’s career demands explosive movements. Tendons are fibrous connective tissues connecting muscle to bone. It’s purpose is to efficiently transfer high loads from muscle to the attached bone to generate movement. Because tendons have no blood vessels that run through them, they are highly stiff. Due to the absence of blood vessels, tendons have a very poor blood supply, which significantly slows the healing process.

Symptoms of my achilles tendon rupture:

  • Acute pain at the back of ankle or calf.
  • Difficulty walking, standing, squatting, running even uphill or track
  • Swelling.

Reasons that may caused it:

  • Lack of calf stretch especially after your workout.
  • Lack of isometric work.
  • Lack of strength on your calf muscles.
  • Overusing your calf muscle

Things to minimize, not to avoid:

  • High volume squatting movements
  • High volume running especially sprinting and uphill.

While ice compressions find out that done nothing to heel my achilles, here are some of the exercises i use:

  1. Weighted seated calve raises (plate or db on your thigh)
  2. Weighted toe walks
  3. Eccentric heel raise with tempo

Lastly, achilles tendon requires to decrease the load you are using, and work isometric rather than, EMS going to doctor and take pills. Pushing through the injury is not smart as you will not recover properly.

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