Training, Programming and Competing Tips from CrossFit Games® Athlete Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh has programmed at a CrossFit Sanctionals® level for the Norwegian CrossFit® Championship and for the ELFIT CrossFit® Championship.

His extensive experience as both a coach and an elite level CrossFit® Athlete have allowed him to develop many highly interesting, effective and original concepts when it comes to the Sport of Fitness®. For example, he designs workouts to be scaled up or down, depending on the standard of the athlete, and is a fresh and unique way to look at the standard RX or scaled format that most coaches use.

He says of his own programming that:

“Prepared Programming is an ‘all-in-one’ competitive fitness program. The sessions are adaptable to fit the needs of each athlete and can be scaled up or down to match your current ability.

"Each day includes multiple daily training options that are centered around one ‘Main Training’ session. Each day also includes up to 90 minutes of optional extras including ‘Engine’, 'Strength & Power’ and ‘Accessory’.”

Use the following training concepts and tips from Phil Hesketh to improve your own training, fitness, strength, conditioning, skills and mental toughness.

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