TRAINING TIPS – 3 Accessory Exercises to Improve Your Toes to Bar

These 3 accessory exercises will help you improve your technique, core strength and general movement for this exercise.

These tips are all from Karin Giardino. “Accessory work for toe to bars ✌️fit fam! Here are some movements for beginner & advanced athletes to improve:”

  • core strength & midline stability ✅
  • lat activation & strength ✅ 
  • G R I P ✅

Lat pull down

Beginner: start with a lighter-moderate resistance band

Advanced: hold in a HOLLOW BODY position, use more challenging resistance.

Plank holds

Beginner: try for sets of :30 sec unbroken

Advanced: find a friend to add some weight on your back ? for :60 sec. AND If you are super advanced like Chris Florio ? try plate planks (holding a plate upright) as you hold. These were super challenging!

Bar & rope hangs

Beginner: hang from the pull up bar and try for :45-:60 seconds unbroken.  As you progress add scap retraction.

Advanced: hang from a ROPE, can add reps of scrap retraction, switch grip between sets.

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