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Training Tips for CrossFit Athletes and Lifters – How to Enhance your Clean Technique


‘When you are cleaning at your limit, there isn’t any room for being soft.’

Just take a look at Zlatan Vanev cleaning 1 kilo off of the 77kg world record 5 times in one session. You have to pull that bar with all your might, with a strong hip drive and extension followed by a do-or-die rapid movement underneath the bar with the elbows up in full confidence. If you have any doubt, the weight will crush you! Vanev’s Rage is how I get myself through clean and jerks!

These are my five tips that I feel will help beginners and those further along the line who have hit a plateau. Once again I leave you with a quote from the Olympian and British record holder Jack Oliver which perfectly sums up what one must do when it comes down to a heavy clean:

“just smash and stamp!”

– if this confuses you, see tip number 5.


Mat Fraser Image (c) red line gear

Featured Image/Clean (c) Nero RX’d Photography

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