Training Tips from Annie Thorisdottir & 7 of Her Workouts

Annie Thorisdottir has always found a way to keep her mental game strong and fight through obstacles. Learn from her with these tips and workouts.

4. Track Your Progress – Annie Thorisdottir Tips

More than a decade in the sport, Annie Thorisdottir has learned what works and what does not in an athlete’s life. According to her, one thing that everyone should do, no matter what level of fitness, is to track your progress.

“Sometimes it can be hard to clearly see your progress, but by tracking the metrics weekly, you’ll eventually see the hard work you’ve been putting in.”

This is one of her tips to maintain a strong mental game when preparing for a competition. “By setting my mind to it and having real goals set and a plan to achieve them, I know I will get to where I want to be.”

She believes in baby steps and each step, no matter how small it may seem, gets you closer to your end goal.

5. Redo Workouts, But Know Your Limits

The Icelandic athlete finished 9th place in the Quarterfinals in Europe and will compete in the CrossFit Lowlands event later in June.

Annie Thorisdottir decided to redo test 5 from Quarterfinals in order to rank higher and get the invitation to the Semifinals. In her YouTube channel, Annie talks about the importance to redo workouts but also knowing your limitations. The test comprised of snatches and burpee box jump-over a 30-inch box, which is higher than what most athletes are used to.

Compared to the workout she did the previous day, she wanted to do touch-and-go snatch reps throughout. On the first time doing the test, Annie got a no-rep on the first snatch of the second set. “Knowing that I failed my first rep, I also knew that I also had a better time available for me, so I wanted to give myself a chance of getting that.”

She also wondered if doing the workout the following day would damage her body and, perhaps, crush her plans to compete in the Semifinals injury-free. “I felt good and I wanted to hit it again, so I let myself hit it again.”

“I do think I wanna do this workout again at some point later on when I’ve done more barbell cycling, I haven’t been doing a lot of barbell cycling post-pregnancy. Now, knowing that I can start doing that again, I’m excited to try this workout again at some point.”

6. Change Your Workouts

It might seem like this training tip goes in the opposite direction of Annie’s previous comments, but it complements it. Iceland Annie says it is crucial to step out of the comfort zone and “start to get comfortable there.”

”If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

For Annie, change is growth and to grow “you need to do something different to what you’re currently doing.”

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