What is the difference compared to other workouts/sports?

Crossfit treats the body as a whole. The workouts are based on functional natural movements, which constantly vary. It’s also about the community: in the smaller training groups a certified coach guides the team through the session and give it a personal training character.


Is there a minimum level of fitness required to start?

Every workout is adjusted to your current abilities. The intensity and the weight are always scaled (or raised) to your needs. The first few workouts will feel a bit strange and confusing, but you’ll get into it eventually and start chasing better scores, faster times and new personal bests.

How does a typical training session look like?

It starts with a dynamic warm-up, followed by the strength or the skill part. Strength is based on fundamental movements, like squat, deadlift, bench press and other, while skill is the part, when new, a bit more demanding movements are taught.

After the strength/skills part the class goes on with a so called MetCon or better known as the Metabolic Conditioning workout. The length, intensity and exercises vary all the time, but that’s the beauty of it: not knowing what the challenge will be. MetCons are short, intense workouts, spiced with a pinch of competition as the goal is usually to finish fast or with the biggest possible score. Those workouts can include anything from rowing and running to Olympic lifting and gymnastic skills. But they are also the thing Crossfit community love the most.

At end of the each class, the training ends with a cool down and stretching.

Is it dangerous?

The only thing that can be dangerous is your attitude. As a beginner you’ll start from the scratch: talk with your coach about your health history and your current abilities, learning the movements correctly, focusing on technique and most importantly, keep your ego under control. Pick up a healthy, open-minded perspective and don’t sacrifice your need to compete for a bad form and risky behaviour.