Box rules

Do your daily best and don’t be harsh on yourself if you don’t meet your expectations. Progress and change need time. Beside that, make sure your follow the rules below as well:


1. Respect your fellow box members.

Keep in mind that respect is earned. Baking healthy sweets for your coaches and buddies helps with that.

2. If at first you don’t succeed…

Try doing what your coach told you to do the first time.

3. When your box buddy is working on his Olympic lifts, don’t stand in front of him trying to start a conversation.

One simply don’t do that.

4. Negative comments.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, do some heavy lifting until you relax and dissolve this grumpiness you posses.

5. If you don’t know how to do the movement, ask.

Don’t re-invent the exercises.

6. Chalk. It’s fun.

But please don’t over use it. Like stuffing yourself with this thing.

7. Clean your mess.

Put the barbells, medicine balls, racks, boxes and other equipment where it belongs.

8. For every minute being too late, you do extra burpees.

And thrusters. Don’t be late.

9. “I murdered the WOD.” No worries, no one is getting hurt.

It’s just your box buddy being really passionate about his workout.

10. For everyone’s safety…

Please respect athletes’ personal space. Do not pass by people if they hold a heavy steel-made barbell in their hands.

11. You are not training there as an individual.

You are part of the team and the community.

12. What mirrors?

Wrong building.

13. Technique before the weight.


14. We all have to start somewhere.

Don’t rush; rather embrace those beginnings where you have no clue what hit you so hard.

15. Gossip, baggage, bit**ing and similar drama.

Grow up. Except if it’s a good rumour we could make an article out of it.

16. You think you are Rich Froning?

Reality check needed here.

17. Don’t cheat.

Fake Ninjas are not welcomed in this house!

18. Crossfit is a lot about competing.

But at the end of the day relationships and box love are what counts. Along with new PRs.