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TRANSFORMATION – Lauren Fisher before CrossFit (and 10 of her workouts)

Check out top CrossFit Games Athlete Lauren Fisher before CrossFit and learn from her tips and workouts. Time to raise your game.


No equipment vacation workout courtesy of @grownstrong. ? Also the perfect workout to do right in the comfort of your home. ?

3 Rounds For Time (15:00 Time Cap):

20 Down Up High Knees
50 Jumping Jacks
20 Plank Jumps
50 Mountain Climbers

Butt stuff ?

HIP THRUST – One of my favorite exercises to work the lower body and BUILD stronger glutes. ? You can often find this exercise gets neglected with the more major lifts. Want to isolate the glutes even more? Add a band. ? I’m using the new @grownstrong Hip Bands. ?

Here I finished with the hip thrusts, GHR’s & Reverse Hypers. The perfect finisher after the workout we did. Now taking it easy the rest of the day because I am FEELING SORE. I’m not used to the volume I was at before and I am feeling it. ? I know it will come back quickly!

WOD 8⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Rotate Stations Every Minute For 9 Minutes (3 Sets):⁠
Station 1: 15-20 Seconds Bent Over Lateral Raises + 15-20 Seconds Hold⁠
Station 2: 15-20 Seconds Lateral Raises + 15-20 Seconds Hold⁠
Station 3: 15-20 Seconds Strict Press + 15-20 Seconds Hold⁠

*Done Without Any Weight Or Very Light Weight*⁠

5 Rounds For Time (10 Minute Time Cap):⁠
10 Crab Toe Tap
⁠10 Burpees
⁠10 Jumping Lunges⁠
We created an entire bodyweight program filled with more workouts like this called GS-20 so you never have an excuse to miss a workout.


All you need is 30 minutes and a pair of DB’s!

Get prepared to sweat it out! ?


Complete:⁠ As Many Rounds As Possible In 4 Minutes:⁠
10 DB Deadlift
⁠10 Burpees⁠
*Rest 2 Minutes*⁠

As Many Rounds As Possible In 4 Minutes:⁠
10 DB Front Squat
⁠10 Burpees⁠
*Rest 2 Minutes*⁠

As Many Rounds As Possible In 4 Minutes:⁠
10 DB Shoulder To Overhead
⁠10 Burpees⁠

*Need DB’s⁠


Every 90 Seconds For 9 Minutes (6 Sets):⁠
5 Reptile Slides (Each Side)
⁠10 Snow Angels⁠

WOD 10

Sumo squat RDL. A funny movement to do at the gym & definitely might get some stares… ? But holy this worked the glutes. ? Definitely got sore from these!

4 sets of 10-15 reps. Goal is to start light with the higher rep range and go heavier each set to the lowest rep scheme. Ended with 75lbs, but think I can go heavier next time I do these. My glutes were on fire.

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