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TRANSFORMATION – Sara Sigmundsdottir Before CrossFit (and 14 Workouts For You to Try)

Lessons From Sara Sigmundsdottir

Use these lessons from Sara to become more dedicated and successful.

Sara Sigmundsdottir: “My focus was always to out work everybody, I knew the other girls had the background and had the talent which made me want it even more, I wanted to prove what I was capable of with hard work and inner desire.”

Sara-SigmundsdottirSource: CrossFit Inc

Sara does not come from any kind of specific sports background. She did not do gymnastics or Olympic Weightlifting from a young age, but has instead worked hard to cultivate and develop these skills.

She believed in herself and put in the work. This goes for you, too. Train hard, trust yourself and build confidence through the hard work that you put in day in, day out. Whatever your ability level, there is simply no substitute for simply doing the work.

Draw Energy From the Community And Your Training Partners

Sara trains and competes against many of the best athletes in the world. This helps her to constantly push her skills and perception of her own limitations. Use the energy of those around you to help drive you forwards towards success.

Make sure that you constantly compete against athletes that you know are better than you, as this will push you to become better yourself. If you are already the best athlete in the room, then its time to change rooms.                      

Focus On Your Goals

At the Reykjavik Games Olympic weightlifting competition Sara became Iceland’s first ever female to pass the 200 kg mark in total. She lifted a total of 201 kg / 443 lbs. She had focused on this goal for a long time, knew she was capable of achieving it, then worked systematically in order to make it happen.

Sara-SigmundsdottirSource: CrossFit Inc

However large or small your goals my be, remember that hard work will beat talent every time if talent doesn’t work hard.

Make a plan, accept that there will always be setbacks, then keep working until you reach your goal.                    

Build Mental Strength in Your WODS That Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

1000 Burpees for time sound good to anyone? I thought not. But that is just one of Sara Sigmundsdottir’s workouts that she does to build an iron mind. There is absolutely no skill involved whatsoever, no equipment needed and it is just you against you.

It isn’t pretty and won’t make a flashy Instagram post, but IF you complete it, you will become a stronger person mentally.

These types of WODs also will shift your perspective, and make other WODs seem smaller and more manageable in comparison. Sara is now an athlete that knows it takes her 83:40 to do 1000 Burpees, and she understands what that feels like.

So when they crop up in another form in her next WOD, they won’t look at daunting as before, and mentally she can readjust herself to complete them.

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote that certain things in life ‘burn the fat off our souls.’ Doing 1000 Burpees for time is one of those things…”

On the next page is another workout from Sara that you can use to improve your mental fortitude…

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