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Transformations: Noah Ohlsen Before He Found CrossFit (And Six of His Challenging Workouts)

Work hard have fun

For time:

  • Squat snatch; 3 reps AFAP 205# x3; rest 2 min
  • ‪A2. Squat clean and jerk; 3 reps AFAP 275# x3; rest 2 min ‪
  • Clean grip deadlift; 1 set of 5 @415# + max reps (-1) unbroken @355# x1 set (go to technical breakdown and no grinding reps)

Pump Sesh! ???


  • Bench press (165)
  • Bicep curl (65)

*same number of banded tricep extensions after the bench and banded curls after the bar curls

  • Finished with 100 foot anchored situps for time!

That took 2:50 and the first part took 7:40 (although it wasn’t really for time)


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