Travis Mayer, Brooke Haas, David Shorunke and Pete Shaw Boycott 2020 CrossFit Games

Travis Mayer, Brooke Haas, David Shorunke and Pete Shaw have announced they won’t participate at the CrossFit Games until changes to CrossFit Inc. are made.

Their decision comes after Noah Olsen, Chandler Smith and Kristi Eramo O’Connell announced they’d boycott the Games for the same reason.

Travis Mayer is a six-time CrossFit Games athlete and had qualified through the Open. Brooke Haas had also qualified through the Open, while David Shorunke qualified to the CrossFit Games via Strength in Depth and Canadian Pete Shaw won the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge.

Read their full statements bellow:


“I’m out.. My decision to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games will be dependent upon changes happening to the leadership of CrossFit.

“CrossFit has been a massive part of my life for the last 10 years as a gym owner, athlete, and member of the community. Making this decision is extremely difficult but it’s time for action. As an athlete and owner of my gym, I do not believe my core values are aligned with CrossFit anymore and my gym will no longer be affiliating.

“If I do not want my business to be associated with CrossFit’s leadership, then I cannot compete under the same leadership.”

Brooke Haas

“Until changes are made & @TheCrossFitGames changes their choice of idiotic leadership; I too- am out, and my participation in the 2020 CrossFit Games will be contingent on the actions they take next.

“Growing up in small town USA -(yes Minnesota at that) I was taught from a young age what was right and what was wrong. Being told “yes” , “no” or who to hang out with or who to not. I knew , in my deepest part of my heart what was right.

“Right in HIS eyes. Right in MY eyes. For ALL is a human race, and ALL of the human race is right.”


“In light of the developments of recent events, I have made the decision to not participate in the 2020 CrossFit Games.

“The current leadership of CrossFit has displayed some obscene values and I feel that by participating in this year’s event I would be standing behind those values.

“Everything else I have to say regarding CrossFit’s leadership and my decision I’ll put out via video at a later date.

“For now I will be part of the driving force for change that it so desperately needed.”


“I still believe in CrossFit. But not like this. The CrossFit Inc. leadership needs to change.

“I will be resigning as a member of CrossFit HQ staff.

“I will not be competing at this year’s CrossFit Games.”

At the time of writing, hundreds of CrossFit affiliates have stated they do not condone the remarks made by Glassman and they will disaffiliate until changes happen in the company.

Influential medical resident and two-time CrossFit Games podium finisher, Julie Foucher, also announced her resignation as a Level 1 Seminar Staff Member.

“I cannot continue to work for an organization that is run by someone who is so disrespectful to his affiliates, his community, and the world,” her Instagram post read.

Director of Training at CrossFit HQ, Nicole Carroll, one of CrossFit Inc.’s longest-tenured employees and a key-member of staff, has also resigned.

Brands like Rogue, Reebok and ROMWOD have also suspended partnership and sponsorship negotiations with CrossFit.

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