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8 Types of Coaches You Find at the Crossfit Box

2. The Funny Clown: jokes, charisma and laughter

How he starts the class: “So, we will start. We‘ll do some squats, then the WOD, you know it, right? Ok, you’ll do the suffering and I’ll be watching you. For spotting you’ll need to pay me extra and give me a nice smile, as I do not earn enough”, coach says and everyone start to laugh.

Well, of course it was only a joke and no one takes it serious. He does his job, drinks some protein shakes, chats with his friends who do the Open Gym, but does not make a big deal out of coaching. He is an entertainer and you can have fun in his classes. Enjoy it fully!

My tip: If you want to learn and get better at Crossfit you need to understand the difference: when he’s having fun or his serious period, when he can actually teach you something. If he’s only an entertainer, then you need to be ready to work more on your own.


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