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8 Types of Coaches You Find at the Crossfit Box

3. The Wise Guru: science talk you don’t always understand

How he starts the class: “I’ve been studying sports for over 15 years now, experimented on my own, tried stuff, realized, found out, came to a conclusion…We’ll go first into biomechanics and motor control of explosive movements, then upgrade it with focusing on control parameters for improving efficiency and… ” Whatever, you don’t understand a lot.

His ego speaks very loud, but he also has great things to say. This coach has more then 5, 10 or 15 years of experience. He also studied sport science or human biomechanics and has a huge ammount of expertise and knowledge to share. And he is very aware of that!

Prepare for a direct approach and to get feedback honestly. Things won’t be pretty, but they’ll be useful. He is self-confident, can also be a great athlete. Very often he can be a master, the golden lion of knowledge. The outlooks don’t matter, his experiences do, so better listen carefully!

My tip: you can learn a lot. A lot! He will give you a huge amount of theory and information to handle, but he’ll also be able to improve your technique, and work on your overall development. Just keep your eyes opened, your ego down low and let him do the job. Listen to what he has to say.




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