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8 Types of Coaches You Find at the Crossfit Box

4. The Grumpy Expert: criticism, more criticism and finally a compliment

How he starts the class: “Omg, what was that? No, no, no, that’s nothing, you’re doing it wrong! Well, if you won’t use your hips during the snatch, you’ll never get this bar overhead. That was really horrible.” Prepare for criticism. And even more criticism.

It’s never good, never perfect, never… He is so picky and critical that he forgets to say „great job”. It will be hard for you to understand if he’s in bad mood or he hates you. Yes, it can happen that he also uses you as an anger management tool.

My tip: Well, get along with that. He will not change because of you and you do not need to take it personally. It can be frustrating if he helps and works on your clean technique, but there can be explanations for it – maybe they really suck? If you can learn something from his criticism and cues, do it. Do it! When he’ll finally gives you a compliment, you’ll be very surprised, but also you’ll recognize you did something extremely good. You earned it!




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