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8 Types of Coaches You Find at the Crossfit Box

6. The Determined Competitor: A little competition never hurt anybody

How he starts the class: „Is this your PR? How come you don’t know it? (..) Just take more weight for your workout. (..) Just a few reps more. (..)”

The Determined Competitor always makes a competition out of a simple WOD. He makes the box members battle against each other. Don’t ask him scaled or RX. It’s always RX, even if you’re not ready. He’ll pushes you to your maximum.

That makes you challenge yourself more and go harder, but you need to keep in mind – are you able to do that with proper technique? And, is your body playing with or against you?

My tip: If this coach motivates you, when your technique is good and safe, just go for it. But if he really only wants to have someone who does RX in his class, do not fall for that. Listen to yourself and your body, and quiet your ego.




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