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8 Types of Coaches You Find at the Crossfit Box

7. The Old School Admiral: don’t talk, just focus on the mission  

How he starts the class: „Don‘t mess with me. Just get this job done”, his body language and voice tone speaks for themselves.

There is a system in his or her class. A tough warm up, focused training and a dedicated WOD. There is a plan and there is work to do. No time for messing up with jokes or having fun. You will even skip those thoughts, because… Well, you will not have time for it anyway.

This coach wants to do his work well, takes care of you and makes you a better Crossfitter. It does not mean that he or she is boring, it only means – when you are in the class, you are training and doing your work. After class you can have fun.

My tip: It’s not a bad thing to train that way, because you’ll be focused on a mission: to train in a solid and effective way. You feel like you’re taking part in military training, but at then end of the day, that’s where Crossfit comes from: prepare for the unknown.




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