6 Types of Crossfitters you Need to Help You Succeed


Community is a huge part of Crossfit. One of the best parts is that it attracts such a wide variety of people from all different kinds of backgrounds, ages and experience levels. These 6 individuals in your life will, in their own respective ways, help you to improve and progress in your fitness, health, happiness and life.


This is that special crossfitter that is always there to push and encourage you, to kick your arse when you’re slacking and to help and advise you when that’s needed too. This is someone that you do all those things for as well. Your sense of competition is fun and productive, neither of you ever back down, but no-one goes home sulking at the end of the WOD if the other one wins!

crossfit community training wodSource: Martin Cowie
Who is your Crossfit buddy?


Muhammed Ali and Joe Frasier, Austin Powers and Doctor Evil, Biggie Smalls and 2 Pac, everyone needs a top-quality rival. Oscar Wilde once wrote that “you can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies”, so having a Crossfit rival is never a bad idea, especially if it helps make you work harder to succeed.


If you notice that more people are keen to compete against you (i.e the calibre of your enemies are improving), then it’s an indirect sign you are also improving as an athlete.

Your rivalry might be completely unspoken, it might be good natured, or it might not, but it will certainly help you to push yourself and improve as an athlete. Just remember to keep things in perspective and that at the end of the day, winning and losing in Crossfit isn’t a matter of life and death…its much more important than that.


Do you have a favourite pro Crossfitter? Sara Sigmundsdottir, Sam Briggs, Annie, Katrin, Brooke Wells, Chyna Cho, Camille or Rich, Dan, Josh, Bjorgvin, Mat Fraser, Matt Chan, Mikko Salo? There are many to choose from.

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Annie Thorisdottir on the rings

This could just as easily be a family member, a friend or someone that doesn’t do Crossfit at all. One of Katrin Davidsdottir’s most influential idols was her Grandma for example. Your idol should help motivate you and make you believe in yourself.


Now this one is highly important! No matter how many times you watch Klokov pause Snatch 200kg, it probably isn’t going to have that much impact on how much weight you are actually able to lift (although it feels like it will). But anyway, let’s watch it again.

Your coach on the other hand IS going have a direct influence on your performance. Assisting with your technique, helping with programming, improving your mobility, range of motion and teaching you new skills is their job!

Choosing the right Coach


There are many different types of coaches, and it’s important to work with a coach that works for you. If you respond well to subtle hints, calm intelligence and quiet guidance, then a Coach that treats every workout as if he were Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket probably isn’t going to be a great fit.

Julien Pineau crossfit coach teaches class of athletesSource: Charlotte Miles
Julien Pineau coaching

8 Types of Crossfit Coaches you find at the Box


An underrated figure in any Crossfitter’s life. More and more Boxes are starting to work with in-house Nutritionists, and it’s a wise move. Nutrition is the base of performance and health. Without it you will simply not recovery, perform, sleep and feel as well as you could. You will not be able to reach your full potential.

To improve nutrition is often much easier said than done. It often requires old habits to be broken and many other factors come into play than simply what foods and liquids you consume. Factors such as stress management, lifestyle, budget and the relationships you are involved in all play important roles. This is where your Nutritionist can become so useful. Aside from their professional and scientific expertise in macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and the other essential building blocks for healthy human life and performance, they understand the psychological, habitual and emotional elements that we all attach to food as well.

crossfit nutrition quote cardSource: BOXROX
Get on the right track

When it comes to nutrition, everyday problems often require more complex answers if they are to be transformed into healthy and positive changes that last for the rest of your life. For example:

  • How do you make it work if you want to go Vegan but your partner and children don’t?
  • How do you maximise recovery if you don’t eat meat and are lactose intolerant – therefore it’s harder to get enough protein into your diet?
  • What should you do if you want to continue training although you observe the practices of Ramadan and can’t eat whilst the sun is up during this time? How will this affect training?
  • How much of each type of Macro nutrient do you specifically need? And when should you consume it?

You Nutritionist will be able to help you with all these types of questions and many, many more.

Crossfit Nutrition and Training: Maximising Progress in and Out of the Box


If your better half, girlfriend or boyfriend is also a Crossfitter as well, then you really have this base covered. I’m not talking about Instagram videos of Crossfit couples doing overhead squats and kissing at the bottom, more about working together as a team with that person that understands you better than anyone else. That person that tells you what you need to hear even when it hurts or completely crushes your pride and ego. That person who gets you, and is there for you no matter what. Train together and you will really learn more about both yourself, and your partner.

true love types of crossfittersSource: BOXROX
A perfect match


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