6 Types of Crossfitters you Need to Help You Succeed

From Coach to rival, find out which types of Crossfitters you should surround yourself with in order to become a better athlete and a healthier human.


Do you have a favourite pro Crossfitter? Sara Sigmundsdottir, Sam Briggs, Annie, Katrin, Brooke Wells, Chyna Cho, Camille or Rich, Dan, Josh, Bjorgvin, Mat Fraser, Matt Chan, Mikko Salo? There are many to choose from.

ring muscle up progressions

Annie Thorisdottir on the rings

© RX'd Photography

This could just as easily be a family member, a friend or someone that doesn’t do Crossfit at all. One of Katrin Davidsdottir’s most influential idols was her Grandma for example.

Your idol should help motivate you and make you believe in yourself.


Mat winning The CrossFit Games. Again.

© Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc
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