Unilateral Exercises
Source: CrossFit Inc

Unilateral Exercises To Help Crossfitters Identify & Destroy Weaknesses

If you think about Crossfit. almost all exercises are conjoint and / or bilateral movements. both or either the upper or lower body, and both arms or legs are used. Squat, Deadlift, Pullups … What is not often performed are unilateral or isolated movements.

4. Single Arm Dumbell Overhead Lunge

By holding a single kettelbell or dumbbell overhead while performing a lunge, you’ll be building upper body, lower body, and core strength, as well as increasing power in your legs. This variation of the basic lunge exercise works the entire body and has tremendous benefits for almost all athletes.


  1. Start in a standing position with or without a dumbbell or kettlebell overhead in your right hand.
  2. Keep your right arm fully extended with a good grip on the dumbbell or kettlebell.
  3. While maintaining good posture (back straight, chin level with the floor) and keeping your core tight, take a step back with your left leg and lower your knee towards the floor but do not touch the floor with your knee.

Don’t bend your elbows throughout the lift or let the weight fall during the exercise.

Don’t let your front heel lift off of the ground during the exercise.

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